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How to Make Functional Mocktails

It's tea time 🍵 today I'm making a primary ingredient for a functional Mocktail. It's a blended tea base that I'll add mango juice and ginger beer to in order to top it off.

This tea base's function: immune support!

Coming back from Hawaii, I had some left over travel bug with a heavy emphasis on mucus 🧟

Of course traveling can be reason enough for a suppressed immune system, but I always like to add the holistic view of "how are my feelings today?"

Usually there's a bit more to the tea 🍵

And in this case, I talk about glass ceilings that we place up on ourselves 🥲

Note: Tea time isn't fancy time. I filmed this 15 minutes after I woke up. Tea time is a wellness ritual and that means it ain't always gonna be pretty 🤷‍♀️

Wanna chat about anything in particular?

Lmk and maybe next time we'll spill that tea 🌺


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