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How to Elevate Your Mocktail Game: Join me for a FREE Q&A Session LIVE on Tuesday!

Join me LIVE on Tuesday for a FREE Q&A session about everything under the Mocktail umbrella 💫

Want to learn more about functional mixology?

Are you unsure of your Mocktail menu?

Want to make a new friend and nerd out about mocktails?

Do you want to open your own zero proof lounge?

Want to refine your kava bar?

Are you a product vendor wanting deeper industry insight and connection?

Are you just curious what it's like to make money as a sober person in an aligned, caring way - serving your community every step of the way?

Let's 👏 take 👏 action 👏 and 👏 learnnnnnn together!

The cool thing about these Q&A sessions is that it starts with a little intro anecdote with me, then we dive into a conversation and take it wherever we need to go to have you feeling inspired by the time you leave.

This is for you!

While the NA/AF industries are exploding and it seems so new... It's not. Service is timeless. Botanicals have been around for thousands of years. Nothing about this is edgy / cutthroat / hustle.

Everything about functional mixology is intentional, and rooted in herbal tradition.

The most foolish thing you can do in the art of mocktail making is to act like an expert, then turn around and have a recipe that HURTS PEOPLE because serving sizes weren't intentional, and ingredients weren't processed with the respect they deserve.

Let's chat about it!

*No background knowledge required

*No experience necessary

*No ingredients or tools needed

*Just show up!

Can't show up live?

🎥 No worries, you can send me questions and I'll be sure to answer them. Recordings will be sent out to all who register!


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