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How I Built the Functional Flow Academy Mobile App

It’s a long story, how I built the Functional Flow Academy App… but let me start by saying that who you surround yourself with really makes an impact on how quickly you make it to the finish line, and how healthy of a journey you have along the way.

I am grateful for my fiancé, because without him, I can't say for sure that I would've pulled the trigger on a lot of really awesome projects. I definitely didn't have the courage to drop $2,500 on launching the App until he told me to "put it on the card and watch it come back sooner than you think... then tenfold... and more."

Here’s the brief timeline of events which lead to the creation of the Functional Flow Academy App, with tips on how to build (and enjoy) your own legacy along the way, too.

August 2022 - After going very deep with a single business client for a year, I knew it was time to come back to the public facing side of things again and be able to help MORE people. I also didn’t feel like getting stuck in the cycle of HAVING to work 40+ hours per week in order to guarantee a great income. It was time to start generating ideas for more passive income again. During this time, my fiancé and I had also JUST become engaged so we were sort of thinking about taking the real estate route and building a BnB business…

  • Are you looking to generate more passive income and create more revenue streams in life? Keep reading…

September 2022 - I had decided to release the ENTIRE Functional Flow Academy 42 day challenge to the public for free to “make room for what’s next” aka detach myself from this project so I could make more mental space. I genuinely felt like I completed this project and was not interested in maintaining it as a focal point of what I’m putting my main energy on.

  • I’ve spent the last decade being both an entrepreneur and an employee, and I’ve always found that whether I have a boss or not, this lesson rang true: Being attached to details of what your outcome “needs” to look like instead of being flexible and adaptable to an ever changing environment will ALWAYS lead you to feelings of failure, ineptitude, imposter syndrome, and overall lack of gratitude for what really IS going right all around you.

The real estate business route was starting to produce real possibilities, but then…

October 2022 - The main source of flow blockage with the client had been uncovered and brought to everyone’s attention. This caused a massive shift in staffing, company culture, company structure, and my workload.

  • Solutions tend to be RIGHT next to the question. When I became wise enough to ask the right questions, it increased my general awareness to be able to see the answers I’ve been looking for all along.

  • For example, during this time, my fiance and I had been blessed with new friendship and mentorship that would not only get us through this flow blockage, but end up inspiring additional change that we did not expect.

November 2022 - This was the time to become very brave. It’s one thing to stand up and say the scary truth (what was the flow blockage) in order to release the flow blockages, but it is another thing to actually do something about it.

  • During this time, I was experiencing some really bad vertigo (I couldn’t drive for a month). After some introspection, I found that when I become aware of a problem, I can’t stop until I solve it. And when I’m close to solving that problem, my body tends to react with a LOT of energy. If I’m not careful, I can become consumed by it. This was the month of action… with new boundaries.

  • If you’re like me and you sometimes struggle with work / life balance, I’d recommend starting by creating a schedule for yourself and focusing each of your “blocks” of time on some aspect of your holistic wellness. (This is covered in depth in the Functional Flow Academy 42 Day Challenge, download the Functional Flow Academy App and find this free program there.)

December 2022 - My website hosting service sent me a message about a new branded app software that could easily and seamlessly be plugged into my already existing website and have the ability to help people in ways I couldn’t even imagine before. Because I received this email on a Wednesday morning (one of my days off) riiiiiight after my morning cup of coffee, I thought to myself “oooo this looks fun to play with.”

  • 6 hours later - I accidentally built an ENTIRE app that truly integrated seamlessly and I LITERALLY COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. I didn’t really have a plan - I just made the thing? Now it’s telling me I have a few more steps to make it live on all App stores…

  • 3 weeks later - The App is officially LIVE on Google Play and in the Apple Store. So now I’m officially invested in seeing this thing become even more alive than it already is.

  • If you want to learn more about building websites and apps, download the Functional Flow Academy App and message me on there.

January 2023 - After months of reflection, care, mending, building, and growing, there is abundance everywhere. The correct mental space has been selected, the goal is clear, the mobile app is live AND it has the fundamental content on it (this blog, the 42 day challenge, groups and forums for participant interaction, etc).

Now, it is time to develop a team of coaches to not only provide their own content but to also give them a marketplace to set up shop in. Why? Because when we engage in a vision that is larger than life, we can break any glass ceiling or flow blockage by collaborating with others, resulting in an amplification of energy and the manifestation of that vision. In other words, if we each bring a couple people to the party, then we introduce ourselves to each other, then we’ve created a community of people who are better for knowing each other and sharing each other’s unique wisdom.

Functional Flow Academy is looking for coaches (and people who are really good at explaining stuff on video, audio, text, and/or other virtual modalities) who are looking to help more people, expand their reach, and generate more passive income themselves! If this describes you, download the Functional Flow Academy App and message me on there.

February 2023 + beyond - This is the month of creation! Not only will I be doing what I can to support creators to develop / upload their content to the platform, I will also be creating NEW content that extends beyond the mocktailswithmarina blog.

  • New free programs and paid courses will be added to Functional Flow Academy throughout the year. Download the Functional Flow Academy App now to receive push notifications when each new course (free or paid) goes live.




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