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Exploring the Future of Craft Beer: A Conversation with Jodi and Keith Villa of Ceria Brewing

🍺✨ Dive into a world where beer meets innovation with our latest episode of Mocktails with Marina! We had the incredible honor of chatting with Jodi and Keith Villa, the masterminds behind @ceriabrewing.

🌟 From Keith's journey of creating the iconic Blue Moon beer to his groundbreaking pivot towards crafting delicious, alcohol-free brews, this episode is a toast to creativity and health. 🌱

Discover how a passion for brewing, a Ph.D. in the art from the University of Brussels, and a desire for a healthier lifestyle led these two pioneers from retirement to revolutionizing the alcohol-free beer market. 🎓

🍻 With a patented brewing process that promises full-bodied flavor without the alcohol, Ceria Brewing is not just about beer; it's about a movement towards mindful consumption. 🚫🍺💡

Whether you're a beer enthusiast, someone interested in the zero-proof lifestyle, or just curious about the innovation behind alcohol-free beverages, this episode is brewed just for you.

🎧 Join us as we delve into the vibrant future of beer, where every sip is about enjoyment without compromise.

Find Ceria Brewing Company's exceptional range in Total Wine & More stores nationwide or order directly online for a taste of their pioneering spirit.

🛒 And keep your eyes peeled for their exciting new flavors on the horizon! 🌈

🔗 Link in bio to listen and transform your beer experience. Let's raise a glass to choices that celebrate taste and well-being together. Cheers to that! 🥂


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