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Celebrate the Season with this CBD Latte

Cozy Caramel Cocoa for a cozy cloudy day 💕

I am a big fan of mellowing out with CBD because sometimes, my body doesn't get the hint that it needs some rest.

I am also a big fan of recipes that remind us of our favorite childhood memories. I feel like most of my creamy chocolate ideas come from the most basic desire to drink a tall glass of chocolate milk. When we are intentional with the details we surround ourselves with, we amplify the spirit of our lives which in turn, amplifies love and joy ✨

This mixture has 33mg CBD and other simple ingredients to help you become as present as possible during the tenderly magical moments the holiday season brings.

Drinks and CBD tincture bottles available for purchase at @lacunakavabar 🥥

*Drink served chilled


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