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Bula! A Tradition

I am so grateful for the community that @lacunakavabar has become over the years, and what it continues to evolve into as time goes by 🙏

Every day at 6pm, we do what we call "the 6 o'clock slam" which is 1-3 servings of freshly brewed kava taken together as a collective with intention and love. Back when I would kavatend, I always said this was my favorite ritual of the day because no matter what happened before that moment, we are all together NOW and we all get to choose peace, even if just for a moment ✌️🕊️

People come and go, but tradition is forever. There are always friends to be found at a kava ceremony 🍵

"I surrendered my beliefs and found myself at the tree of life, injecting my story into the veins of leaves only to find that stories, like forests, are subject to season."

💕🌺 Bula! 🌺💕 w/ @princess_jillyxo@nothannahsmith@_deerwolf@t_ray_castiway


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