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AZ Adventure: Phoenix Zoo Reimagined

🦍❤️ "Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience"

Last weekend, we took a family trip to the @phoenixzoo and met some of the sweetest creatures. This zoo is beautiful, well maintained, and well laid out.

My main question 🧐 how different would the world be if every concessions stand at family institutions that currently only provide soda and alcoholic margaritas updated their menus to get rid of the alcohol? and one step better, added kava? Even just CBD?

When we reach for alcohol as a means to "have a good time", we end up numbing ourselves and avoiding opportunities for growth. This traps us in a feedback loop, and within a glass ceiling's worth of happiness and satisfaction. But if we persevere through the "awkwardness" and "pain" of being sober for the first few times, we quickly outgrow those nervous habits. We break that glass ceiling of happiness and find MORE when we aren't numbing ourselves because we've expanded our ability to FEEL 💕

In short, my work on this planet isn't over until I've helped create more space on many businesses' menu boards for better standard non-alcoholic drink choices 🌎


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