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8 Quick Tips for Enjoying Nightlife Alcohol-Free

Are you #sobercurious and don't know where to start? I made this guide for you ✨

I spent ages 21-27 being a professional entertainer and circus performer. It was my job to upsell alcoholic beverages in order to increase my take home share of the profits. After the pandemic hit, the world shut down, then opened back up again, I made a promise to myself that if I was ever going back, I'd do it differently. But it turns out, operating in nightlife spaces without alcohol is a COMPLETELY different ball game.

Imagine that you learned to walk with crutches. It'd sure be difficult to walk without those crutches for the first time! If you spent your 20's going out and drinking alcohol, then choose to switch up your life choices, you may find it's weirdly more difficult than you could've imagined. But it's also not impossible.

You're not crazy - it is a hard transition to make. Our culture is alcohol obsessed.

We're here to help update that paradigm 🥳

👇 Leave a comment and tell me about your experience with navigating nightlife without alcohol! Do you have any more tips that weren't mentioned here?

👇 If you could tell past you one thing to help him/her quit drinking alcohol, what would it be and why?

Leave comments! I can't wait to hear your story.


Are you looking to host an alcohol free event, or are you looking to open your very own alcohol free nightlife spot? Send me an email ( to learn more about my event and bar management consultation services 🥂


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