How to *Really* Introduce Yourself and Make An Impression

Last week I shared a movement that was tender - this week I give you tension.

Love is who I am, who I've always wanted to be, what I long for, what I give to the world, and what I want to eternally leave behind. Love comes in many shades. It's complex, it's messy, it's ecstatic, it's heavy, it's powerful. It's delicious, it's addictive. When I dance from my heart and feel inspired by the love in my life, I create beautiful art. When my performance game is off, it's because I've let the well run dry and it's clear as day to me when I watch my performance videos. Whether my muse is internal or external, I've learned I cannot run from this fate. I am the personification of love. If I lose sight of this fundamental component of my being, I get lost in life too. And the coolest part of being human is that some of you reading this may feel the same. Some of you also may replace "love" with "courage" or "perseverance" or "strength" or "fluidity" or "discipline" or "knowledge" or "excitement" or "grounding" or any other word that may tickle your fancy. I leave you with a final exercise: pick a word you feel extraordinarily connected to. What if you walked around as the total embodiment of that word - would you walk different? Talk different? Before you introduce yourself as your humanly name, if in your mind you first said "I am (insert word)" would your tone shift? I know my entire life has.

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