Viva Las Vegas, Baby!

An ode to the city I have been in love with forever, and call my latest hometown - Las Vegas ❤️🌹

I'll never forget the lives I've lived in my past hometowns of Chicago, Denver, and Madison. But here's the thing about home - it's not just "where your heart is". Because my heart isn't tied down anywhere, it beats no matter where I go! For me, home is a place where I feel I have work to do. It is a place for my hands to get dirty, to dig into the soil and feel the heartbeat of the land. It is a place that has a lot to teach me. It is a place that has a lot to give but only once I've given it the love I wish to receive in return. It is as much of a relationship as any other bond. You can lust after many but to commit is a decision. You choose your home. And I chose Las Vegas (for now) 🏡❤️ Fun fact: I moved here in January 2018 on a whim. I literally made the decision within 5 minutes of a life altering conversation on New Year's Day. I became a resident by January 8th, and drove across the country (Route 66 to be specific) in my car with all of my worldly possessions. No moving truck needed - it was the coolest fucking thing I have ever done. A lot of people treated me very weirdly over this decision because they didn't get it, and that's fine. At the end of the day - you have to live your life the way you feel most passionately about or else... what's the point?

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