Ebb and Flow (Movement)

My biggest issue with pole was that I was technically strong but I didn't feel strong. There was an invisible barrier I could not figure out that was holding me back from growing + maximizing my energy. All I wanted was to train so hard, that I'd be tired + satisfied with every cell of my being - but I couldn't unlock it.

Well GUESS WHAT - the secret? Was... BREATHING. YES, BREATHING! I have changed my approach to training to incorporate as much breath guidance as possible. Inhales + exhales when appropriate to pull me into tricks + push me into the folds. I feel like I have been reborn because the breath, the prana, is reaching every nook + cranny of my being. It has awakened every sleeping cell. I am now able to get full use of my body + mind where before I'd be distracted, lethargic, apathetic. I also stopped stopping the natural forces, or the natural physics that occur with a movement. If your body wants to turn, let it - don't be scared of losing that balance. Only hault a movement if you *want* to. The metaphorical dance between active control + gravity / momentum can make your literal dance so much more fluid. It can also keep your concentration in the present moment, heightening your flow state of mind. I can't WAIT to see how this will impact my movement quality over time 🙏

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