Violets and Carnations

Flowers may be analogous to a vagina in many ways, but I entirely reject any narrative that involves comparing their weak pedals to my femininity.

If you crumple up a flower and try to restore it, you will fail. Once the cell walls have been broken, it's game over. This is the same bullshit story that was told to me about my being, my virginity, my feminine being. I loathed this tremendously because whenever I'm knocked over, I always want to get back up and fight. My battles evolve me into a more complete version of myself. I was raised a survivor, a warrior, an architect of my own reality. When the Haus of Glamour booked me for this "Hot Mess" show I instantly knew I wanted to create this angry act. This is dedicated to all my femme sisters out there who may get knocked down, but they never get knocked out 👭🌹

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