We Are What We Eat

Last night, I learned a FASCINATING fact about hair + it will blow your mind. We are what we eat - whether we talk about food diet, music diet, social diet, information diet, emotional diet. What we take in directly affects who we are right down to the cellular level, the DNA expression.

We all know you can get drug tested with hair + we can see what you've eaten during the lifespan of a hair strand. But did you know it goes much deeper? Veronika told me about a woman who had cancer / was going through chemo + her hair just *couldn't* take in the color no matter how hard she tried. The chemical formula in her body shifted so intensely, that the toner wouldn't work on her bleached hair. For those of you who don't know hair talk - when you bleach your hair, it turns yellow / orange. Adding purple / blue toner turns it more white / platinum. In this scenario, it turned her hair even DARKER. This is a mind blowing / shocking thing because I've never heard of toner not working to this extent. But there's a positive to this tangent! I haven't changed my hair care routine at all in YEARS. And I perform more than ever now so you'd think I'd be hella damaged right? WRONG. My hair grew so much in the past 8 weeks and became so strong, that I haven't seen my hair be *this lit* since I was 12 (pre hair color days). The only difference has been self care with the internal mind and body. I revamped my work out / training, I picked up meditation + kundalini, I cleaned up all aspects of diet, + I stopped paying attention to negativity of ALL kinds.

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