On Burlesque

To me, burlesque isn't burlesque without an intimate conversation between the stage + the audience. It requires courage, vulnerability, lack of ego, and total submission. When the message isn't given properly or received well, I have to meditate a little longer, watch an extra episode of whatever on Netflix, tuck myself a little bit deeper into my blanket before bed. Sometimes, it's the audience that just isn't on my wavelength. Sometimes, it's because I can't peel myself open enough because the day hardened me too much.

I invest a lot of time and energy into figuring out how how my best self can ignite fire within my people. The reality is, I am human so sometimes I fall flat. But then... there are truly tear-jerking nights like this one where I am playing the most intense game of "NO I LOVE YOU MORE!" with the audience + I feel like I'm walking on clouds for days and days. This isn't about landing the coolest tricks, or starving myself to be the thinnest I can be, or how many rhinestones I can glue onto my costume, or validating myself via external circumstance. This isn't a competition. This is about celebrating life + vibrating on a high frequency. It's the difference between listening to a 6th grade band vs a professional symphony orchestra. This is about cathartic, ecstatic inebriation. This is an enthusiastic uproar of the human spirit. *This* is burlesque + this is what my dreams are made of 🌹💋 Please enjoy, xoxo.

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