Taking Inventory

When you change the priorities of your nervous system and rewire yourself, huge change will last. What does that look like? Well, take note of your breathing. Is it shallow? Take note of your shoulders and neck. Are they tight? Take inventory of your spine. What shape is it?

Take inventory of your heart. Is it warm and is it beating? How are your fingers and toes. Are they cold or cozy? How is your mind? Are you giving it enough attention? Are you uncomfortable? Sit in that comfort or discomfort and ask yourself how you got to that feeling. How does time feel? How long can you focus on your breath and your posture before you feel the need to twitch? Sustainable change begins within. Mastering the art of being fully present with yourself is the most structurally sound fundamental skill you could develop that will make you 100x more likely to succeed, and stay elevated. So what kind of change do you want? Is it about your diet, your physique, your technical skills? Is it your environment or your vocation? Is it your attitude, your mental health, your relationship with the internal and / or external world? All change begins by learning how to breathe, and respecting / listening to the temple that is your body. I personally find the divine clarity and peace in flow state, ecstatic, nearly-nude performances in different cabarets across the country. When I am whole and my nervous system is in the para-sympathetic stage (super calm, super healed and balanced, not fight or flight) I feel an overflow of love. I feel lighter than air. I feel deep connection and gratitude for my fellow earthlings. I feel my purpose bubbling at the surface. When do you feel an abundance of love?

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