Being Human

"When we originally went to the moon, our total focus was on the moon. We weren't thinking about looking back at the Earth. But now that we've done it, that may well have been the most important reason we went." The interesting thing about being human is that we have a vastly complex extra sense that nothing else we know of has. It needs to be cared for just like the body. Meet, the self aware, highly imaginative, incredibly high performing human brain. We evolved to become smarter because the stronger this sack of goo became, the more our species thrived. Two specifically important genetic mutations that occurred were 1) our musical center of the brain, and 2) our fine motor skills specifically in the mouth / tongue / jaw region. This ability to recognize patterns and articulate noises quite precisely gave us the languages we know and love today. Communication helps you face failure without fear. Language is flexible. We learn, we adapt, we problem solve. Our brain gives us language, so we can share those lessons with others. Our cognition kept growing - writing gave us the ability to pass information along through time. This level of awareness plus the emergence of the internet equals...? Uncharted territory. I am of the exact age where as a teen, internet speeds were fast, nothing was regulated, social media didn't take over our lives, and I had access to everything. What does this, plus a consistently large amount of psychedelics as a developing teen equate to? A cognitive shift in awareness (see the Overview Effect, a phenomenon often reported by astronauts). This meat sack, societal conflict, anything that seemingly divides us irreparably as a species, as Earthlings - it's depressingly frustrating. This special, living, breathing planet we live on isn't stable. It is exquisitely unique and rare - just like our consciousness. It is worthy of protecting. There is unity in diversity. We exist BECAUSE of it, not despite it. Acceptance and empathy yeild more powerful results than jealousy, isolation, and fury ever will. We have all the tools we need to dispel the fear. After all, that's what makes us human 🌹

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