What's Next?

My biggest problem in all facets of life (that I have control over) used to be the way I responded to fear, but now, it is my biggest strength. They say only when you are ready, the master will reveal themselves to you. But what happens after that? What happens when the master has given you all the theoretical knowledge they can? Welcome, my friends, to the personal hell that I have finally figured out how to conquer 😂 Fear has never been able to vanquish my curiosity - thank goodness - so I've always been a big fan of approaching strong, intelligent people and asking as many questions as I possibly can. This trait has allowed me entry into the most BIZARRE of places, conversations, and gatherings. At some point, I always end up at the same reaction - "You have everything you need inside of you to finish this journey on your own." *GULP!* "Do not underestimate yourself. Stop selling yourself short. You aren't insecure - but your doubt comes from lack of knowledge surrounding a mystery, that's it. Don't confuse yourself and think it's for any other reason." *GULP!* These have been things that my friends and my mentors (in both scholarly and physical pursuits) have repeated to me so many times, I was honestly just getting annoyed with myself. When *masters* of your trade tell you you're ready to fly, WHERE IN THE FUCK ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO FLY? While the world is full of information, there are still a lot of grey areas. There is a lot of chaos. There is so much room for innovation. There is a need for courage to navigate these waters and explore the edges of what is known. If you've reached a point where you've truly exhausted your resources and still need to quench your thirst, take stock of the opportunities that have arisen. Choose wisely. Pick the ones that are truly delicious and speak to you. This feeds your curiosity, your courage. This kills the procrastination monster and silences the apathy - but only if you decide that what you are doing is *worthy* of your time / resources and NOT the other way around 🙌 (Basically - always *be* a student. But at some point, you also have to start making moves, and choosing the ones that ignite you 😎)

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