Happy Winter Solstice! Living in the City of Sin for a year has taught me a lot about what it means to really have free will. 1. The chaos intensifies when you truly engage in activities that call for rolling the dice. You'd be surprised by how much control you *really* have up until the very moment the dice stop moving. But don't worry - you can just pick them right back up and roll again. 2. You win some, you lose some. But you never *really* win unless you bet big. Small bets don't get you far - they basically just act as life support but you never get ahead (speaking as a #blackjackhustler who has spent a lot of time in casinos this year). 3. If someone is in your way, just ask them to move. 99% of the time they will move. 4. When you've hit the jackpot, don't be greedy. Be done gambling for the day and call it a success. But tomorrow is a new day. Roll again. 5. Don't eat at the fucking buffets. As an agnostic nihilist from the northern Midwest currently spending my second winter in the Mojave / Great Basin desert with no snow, no sign of Santa, almost no religious artifacts being shoved down my throat, but plenty of neon tinted pleasure to go around - I welcome the longest night of the year with open arms ❤️

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