What Makes You Brave

The belief that you are alone is the only thing keeping you from being whole. In my last post, I talked about the business side of being an artist and why it's important to remember that everyone else is irrelevant. Today, I think it's important to talk about that balance - and remember that business doesn't always follow the same rules as your personal life. I'm an introvert with anxiety. I am hyper reflective, constantly calculating, and honestly, kind of an exhausting person to be friends with because I am *growing pains* personified. Why am I like this? Because a long time ago, I learned that dealing with my problems by myself only lead me to isolation and resentment towards life. ...because I learned that talking about being a human, helping fellow humans through their life path, and celebrating with a cold beer at the end of a hard day is deliciously intoxicating. "But if you can't do it by yourself, doesn't that make you weak?" NO MOTHER FUCKER, THAT VULNERABILITY MAKES YOU BRAVE. You could say my favorite hobby is pushing the boundaries of what it means to be alive, and I prefer friends who really push me back. I feel so alive, inspired, and genuinely happy when I am surrounded by people who are scared to do scary things, but they do the scary things anyways because they know they have a support system, and that falling is okay.

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