Change the Conversation

As an artist, it feels natural to create but it can be difficult to market and get the product to the people. If I was in any other industry trying to sell you a car or a vacuum or a loan, it wouldn't be considered arrogant for me to take pride over my product when presenting it to a consumer market. And to take it a step further, if you didn't want my product, you as a consumer can just shrug and say "meh, not for me." But somehow artists have to remain humble? And if you don't like our art it's useless?? Somehow WE are the leeches of society??? (EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT IN IT FOR THE MONEY, SOMEHOW THIS STILL APPLIES???) . And then, artists are thrown into the ring to fight each other for market share in ways that can be entirely more vicious than necessary (there can be thousands of lawyers and it's socially acceptable to become a lawyer, however "there are already enough artists, so we should go do something more practical")???? . Fuck that. . So here's how I flip the script, rewrite the rules of the game, and make space for myself: . 1. Dispose of all preconceived notions of my product, my talent, my art form. . 2. No one is my competition. I'm not trying to beat anyone out. Everyone else's product, no matter how similar, is irrelevant. I don't use other artists as my benchmark. Why? Because no one ever has been or ever will be me. (Same with you!) . 3. I make my own rules, I take calculated risks, I accept the potential consequences, I take ownership over my life and my choices. I blame no one but myself when things go wrong. . In the words of Don Draper (from Mad Men), "If you don't like what's being said, change the conversation."

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