The Uncertainty Principle

"It is impossible to know both an object's position and path simultaneously... If it were possible, then we'd be able to predict its future unmistakably." -Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle If you've ever needed the motivation or inspiration to just *do* something and dive in, this principle is it! There's only so much thinking and planning you can do. Often times, my friends text me things like "when in the hell were you going to tell me this is happening?" and 9/10 times I respond "we found out at the same time yo, apparently past me set up these domino's and now I'm just going with it." One day I woke up, decided I wanted to tour next year, sent out some emails, went to sleep. Next morning I woke up and my inbox is full of acceptance letters. THERE'S ONLY SO MUCH PREP WORK YOU CAN DO BEFORE YOU DIVE IN. Yes, I've kept my website up to date, I'm always training on the side, I'm uploading videos to YouTube when I'm proud of my work, and doing research when I've got the time. But you can't expect opportunities to just land in your lap. There's a time to prep and there's a time to suck it up and DIVE IN! And by the way - there's never a *perfect* time. If you're waiting for x, y, and z to magically all line up, it may never happen. "All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage" ❤️

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