Standing Your Ground

The two best pieces of advice I've ever been given in regards to navigating life and business with people: 1. "If you choose to put someone on a pedestal, you will never be their peer." 2. "My only regret is not believing people when they show me exactly who they really are." Is there a job you want? Is there a person you want to befriend? Is there an opportunity you wish to seize? The difference between a pro, an amateur, and a hobbyist / a friend, an acquaintance, and a stranger has less to do with ability and more to do with the way you carry yourself because talent is universal, but opportunity is not. Think about it this way. People are not inherently intimidating because that's YOUR subjective experience. If you find yourself feeling this way about another human, flip the script and ask yourself why are *you* intimidated? Or, if someone is trying to push you out / refusing to recognize your worth, why should you try to cater to *their* definition of success and failure? Carry yourself with love and fascination sunshine, because you are a truly unique instance of the universe experiencing itself. There never has been another you and there never will be. And that same fact applies to everyone. Imagine if a museum full of paintings come to life at night and get to explore each other's experiences. THAT IS US. So carpe diem whatever the fuck it is you seek, you Mona Lisa! ✌️😘

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