On the Road Again!

Have you ever sat down, stared at a white wall, and watched your life play back before your eyes? Visions so strong, the imprints of the memories become projected onto the walls, staining your eyes with the same sharpness as staring into the sun?

I've spent this last year of my life here in Las Vegas training in private, watching these invisible films, reflecting on the patterns within my life, and reaching so deeply into my bones to figure out what the motivation of my art is. You see, motivation shifts with time. If you're no longer feeling intoxicated by what once gave you fevered dreams, then it is time to move ahead. And even more importantly, why keep the fever inside of your dreams? I want this life to be consumed by a fever I can't sweat out 😉 I've been in mostly isolation over the past 11 months, summoning my most inner self in hopes of making my next big step count. This year is about replacing the word "despite" with "because". I'm very pleased to announce that not only will I be picking up performing more regularly again, but I will be traveling with my art more than I ever have before. I have stories that need to be told, connections I wish to make, hearts I want to touch, and new memories to imprint.

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