A Talk on Time


When I first started pole (April 2014) I spent a solid TWO YEARS on fundamentals. I did exactly zero trendy tricks. To me, my leg hangs, my grips (twisted, cup, basic, split, etc), my pole sits, and spins were all that mattered to me. Year three of pole, I mostly stayed on the floor. I didn't learn a single new trick in the air. I wanted to floor fuck and low flow for days. I was also diving into burlesque and character work, trying to figure out how to fearlessly masturbate my artistic brain on stage and not be afraid of making bold choices. August 2017, I decided I wanted to take myself seriously and adopt the mindset of a pro. I changed my diet, I changed my entire life structure, and decided to get back into strength training. Still, it didn't mean I immediately added Spatchcock to my "to do" list lol. Slow and steady wins the race yo. I only started handspringing, attempting weird transitions, and looking at higher difficulty tricks in the past 9 months (January 2018, into year 4 of pole). #teamslowpole awards you the opportunity to ensure your fundamentals are so secure and soft, that you have time to breathe, relax, connect with your audience, and ooze down the pole. For the record, I still haven't even attempted a jade split more than 3 times in my entire life. April 2019 will be my 5 year pole anniversary. I just like mastering one thing at a time lol. There's no shame or FOMO in my game 👌

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