Who Needs the Truth?

"Nobody wants the truth, but everyone wants a story. There is a violence to the truth, or what is presented to us as the truth. Stories are puzzles that fall into the background of our lives until we are ready to deconstruct or remember them." We prefer learning things when we think we came to the conclusion ourselves because the information seems more trustworthy. We don't like it when people *tell* us what's what - which is such a shame because you can't possibly be the master of everything. So as an amateur writer but full time human, let me give you some story telling advice that you can use in conversation, on stage, in a letter, etc: 1. Don't be vague. This makes you untrustworthy, unguided, and serves as a manipulative device to draw people in out of confusion, not actual talent. 2. Make bold choices. Choose juicy adjectives. Extend the arm movement with more purpose. Don't be afraid of getting raw. If you didn't want to tell the story, you wouldn't have ended up in this position in the first place. 3. Don't overlook the simple things. "Some truths are so simple, people dismiss them." Leave room in your story to communicate at multiple levels of intimacy.


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