2nd Medal of the Year!

AYYOOO YA GIRL GOT ANOTHER MEDAL! Entertainment Level 3 has been slayed! #psonationals2018 was a success! Ahhh!

I'm honestly quite shocked that I placed. LA is filled with so many talented artists. When I was watching the rest of my division, I came to peace with trying level 3 again in 2019 because I genuinely had so much fun watching everyone else in my group. I'm still kind of in shock! (impostor syndrome is real ya'll, I can't believe I was among my PEERS last night 😍) While my technique felt sloppy upon execution, I felt very raw with what I put on that stage. It was such a cathartic piece, which is great because Aristotle said that "the point of tragedy is catharsis" and I performed to "I Write Sins Not Tragedies"

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