Nostalgia's Purpose

I saw a quote today that said "I'd trade all of my tomorrow's for one yesterday" and I just think that's not very helpful for all cases. I may be constantly uncomfortable, but when I look back, I don't feel nostalgia for the past - even if there are pockets of perfection! Why? There are moments here in Vegas where I miss certain aspects of my old life - I'm so worried fall here won't be as delightful because there's no leaves to kick around and apple orchards to get cider from - but that just means I get to create new adventures, expand on old definitions, and force myself to fully live in the now in order to rid myself of the sadness. That's exciting and much less depressing than I thought when the worry initially kicked in! I think that longing for the past can be counter productive because you can never perfectly recreate a moment in space and time, but you can make new ones - and you can make them even better. Always remember your past, appreciate the fact that it happened, celebrate the things you've accomplished and the people you've known along the way - but don't get stuck in it. We all change 🐛🦋

Photo circa November 2017 🤗

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