Metrics as an Artist

There are many different metrics to measure yourself by as a dancer, an athlete, a performer, as a person. . I spent the first few years of my journey as Marina Mars (#travelingshowgirl #burlesquedancer) cultivating the confidence, the goo, and the fourth-wall-shattering stare. I performed well over 100 times over the course of 2 years, traveling all over the country, recklessly throwing all of my time and resources into my art.

Its been 5 months of switching my focus over to athletics and focusing on precision and raw strength. I won a god damn gold medal along the way, so I'd say it's off to a great start 😉 . After having been on both sides, I'm noticing there's a lot of unhealthy attitudes. . Whether you're a competitive athlete or a glitter goddess of the midnight smokey cabaret, there is a lot of stress we don't need to have. There's a habit that people from both sides like to point fingers at the other and explain why "your form of validation isn't healthy". I've heard people say medals don't matter, or that performing in cabarets doesn't make you a Rockstar. . Two main points: . 1. There is no catch-all, universal, stand alone method of objectively obtaining the metrics on your talent and success. Yes I gave the judges what they wanted to see, I conformed to a formula to receive a medal. Yes I molded my previous acts to fit the stage and production style of producers to ensure I'd get a spot on that cast list. I didn't fake anything - I simply shined my diamond to best showcase the facet they wanted to see. My cathartic freestyles look nothing like my final products. That's an entirely seperate talent to consider when judging yourself. . 2. I stopped using Facebook almost entirely, and I stopped reading posts in all of the "support" groups for both sides of my industry. I feel much better now. When the white noise gets loud, it's hard to remember what all of this means to YOU. . Art and Athletics are icebergs. Take note of all possible variables when trying to assess your own success. Talent is not universally defined nor should it be. Because no one belongs everywhere but everyone does belongs somewhere 🚀

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