Mathematics - The Language of Love & Life

Every once in awhile, I get quite distracted by life - pretty things, happy things, confusing things, upsetting things. But when I am in a place that allows me to calm down to my favorite rhythm, it kind of feels like the frequency in which I am vibrating at allows my intuition to be hyper aware and hyper active. . During these hyper active times, I think about my place in the universe. I think about what limits my senses and perceptions have due to the dimension I live in. But then, I fall even deeper in love with math.

When I was in college, someone I knew worked years on developing a new understanding of life, involving images taken (2D) of 3D objects.They were trying to use stats, biology, math, etc. to try to gain back the information that was lost when compressing the 3D information to the 2D. Anyone who has worked with a basic 2D to 3D to 2D linear transformation in a basic linear algebra college course may think this is impossible because for so long it was. The math is so insanely complex but what's important to know is the "noise" that exists in photos (or life) gives us insight to something we can't immediately see. . Of everything I have ever learned in life, nothing has ever been more inspirational to me. There is so much information that saturates every phenomenon we encounter in a daily basis. . As a mathematician, my next question always extends the original concept - so if we are learning how to find information from a 2D image to recreate the 3D, then that means there is information hidden all around us about the next dimension up, right? . Now, I've always been a more intuitive, feeling, emotive human that just happened to stumble into math because of my desire to gain the tools to understand chaos - but during these times of hyper awareness, I find myself searching out information I'd never ordinarily seek. I Google shit that I'd normally be embarrassed about or be made uncomfortable by. I never really know why until my intuition closes off and my intellect kicks back in to synthesize it all. . Curiosity isn't deadly literally - it simply uncovers a hidden truth and kills our ignorance. Listen to it.

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