To Human is Error

“He’s extremely kind, but it’s the genuine kindness that comes from deep cynicism.” Lajaunie went on, “He has accepted that everyone has broken springs here and there. That’s what most of us lack—the acceptance that others are as broken as we are.” -Excerpt from an article on Anthony Bourdain's life ❤️

Its not a complete thought, but: . The level of immediate pain one must feel in order to allow their inner demons to lash out at others is excruciating. And I totally get that discomfort. Pain and suffering are real emotions that are a very heavy burden. What I don't get is the eye-for-an-eye mentality. . To error is human, and no one is excluded from that. . Look, we are all born alone and we all die alone. And as a nihilist I'm not really banking on anything happening after this so why on earth would it make sense to waste any bit of time taking away someone's light? By acting on that impulse, part of your light dies too. . I don't know, it's all kind of a mess. Heartbreak happens in chains and until it's broken, until piece by piece we choose to break free from our inner turmoil, the cycle will continue to cause harm onto others. . Why is it a competiton of who is the fucking saddest? We are all sad. We all want love, fuck. . It's not fun having the conversations that get you through the garbage. You don't always get to feel catharsis after every bad thing that happens. Sometimes you just have to smoke a cigarette, pat yourself on the back, and move the fuck on. Force yourself to move forward because everyone is sad. There's nothing wrong with you. That's just part of life. And it makes the beautiful moments even better. . I literally cried when I saw a beautiful flower the other day because it was so god damn overwhelmingly gorgeous. If sadness can grant you any gift, it's that 10 years ago I may not have stopped and smelled that flower. #butterflyeffect

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