My First Gold Medal

2018 Central Pole Championships - Gold Medalist in Level 2 Entertainment, Junior Division

It has been a long journey, my friends! Last month, I came home with a gold medal from Pole Sport Organization's Central Pole Championships. The journey of getting there was not easy nor was I alone!

Huge thank you to my coaches Lindsay Lithe, Jenyne Mariposa, Yukari Makino Cooperstock, and Kishema Pendu because I see all of you in every step I took on stage that day <3

When I think about all the people over the years that have influenced my movement, my discipline, and my goals the list just gets so damn long! EVERYONE I've had the pleasure to work with back in Wisconsin has their fingerprints on this too! Mercury Stardust-Deville, Jake Posateri, OD Kimani, MamaNo Shits - I channeled the shit out of your crazy selves when developing this character because ya'll are the most expressive people I know! I would not have even THOUGHT of competing in this category if it wasn't for you guys <3

Claire Moon and Justin Terry - I am so lucky for your support and love, I would be 100x more of a hot mess if it wasn't for you guys <3

Lastly, my Aerial Athletica crew - ya'll are the most supportive group of human beings a girl could wish for and every single word of encouragement, every single clap and cheer you gave me pumped me full of the courage and strength I needed to envision myself succeeding <3


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