The coolest part about the 2018 version of myself: Not being inspired to move doesn't bother me one single bit. I finally get the cycle!

Don't force the movement, just continue to eat the veggies and do at least a 30 minute workout centered around core, legs, and arms while watching Netflix, and eat a donut if the craving won't stop, ITS FINE. Or if I don't want to even do a simple small workout I just take a walk. IT'S STILL FINE. . Because when I don't want to dance it's usually time for me to let my body heal and let my mind be free and that is called BALANCE. . I mean I don't fucking know why I thought balance was supposed to feel good all the time LOL. . I remembering hearing a Tibetan man talk about how he lived so long and he said "it's because I gave up on the idea that everything is supposed to be pleasurable and fun all the time." When I first heard that I was like NOOOOO but now I get it. I'm down with turning off sometimes. Because then when I'm on, I'M FUCKING ON BITCHES.

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