You know the feeling you get when you've set up all the dominoes, and all that's left to do is "go"? That's what this mid air limbo feels like. And it's real juicy.

If you find that being proactive or progressive with your life choices is difficult, take a deep breath in and on your exhale, just say LET'S GO! . When I was a young teenager, I had a crush on a boy. My friend told me that if you hesitate when the moment is right, and you let more than 8 seconds pass, the moment for that first kiss with him will be over. So I started counting to 8 when I had to do anything that gave me anxiety. I'd give myself a full 5 seconds to completely compose myself and rest in that silent space but then I'd exhale and GO! To this day, I use this technique every time I'm about to get on stage, present a project, go to a job interview, attempt a new and scary pole trick, confront another human, etc. And it works every single time. . The key to making it work? Tell yourself that if it isn't going to kill you, then you have no other choice than to follow through. You owe it to yourself to legitimately try. And if it doesn't work, well you don't have to do it again. . Soon, that anxiety turns into adrenaline. Suddenly, that moment becomes intoxicating instead of frightening. You become a woman of action instead of a woman of complacency.

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