Movement Fluidity

What it means to be completely fluent in a movement is to be able to let go of the conscious understanding of the mechanics while operating the body. Competitive athletes run the same routine over and over and over again until they're able to use their conscious mind only for evoking the emotion necessary to complete the task OR to navigate unforseen corrections that weren't to be planned for (weather, upset body parts, etc).

It was easy for me to do this with my training in math, but yet here I am, 4 years into pole, finally putting this knowledge to use for my upcoming competition. . I don't care how bored I get. I don't care how winded. I don't care that the desert makes my throat dry. I will run this thing into the ground until it is so fluent that I can focus on a fingertip flick and not worry about where the rest of my body is in space. . Run the simulation until you can feel the music again. And again. And again.

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