Using Discomfort as a Catalyst

A lot of people talk about changing their life, but then don't really do anything about it. . When I'm faced with a crossroads, I know *something* has to change because that is the definition of a crossroads. The very act of observing something automatically fundamentally changes its entire essence. Pretending like you can stabilize something as intensely chaotic as life is like standing in quicksand and assuming you won't get sucked in. . These crossroads make me uneasy and sure, there are a lot of unknowns - but it is exciting. I wouldn't trade this feeling for the world.

I moved to Las Vegas in January. It is now April, I'm in the Midwest for a quick visit and let me tell you - taking steps in the footprints of my past is 100% worse than any level of discomfort that may come from the unknown. Why is that? My life wasn't bad. It was outstanding. I really made something for myself here. . But it's pretty simple: I already did that. And there is a limitless world out there. I know what to expect in this neck of the woods. I want to endlessly explore and make my universe as large as possible. . I am not afraid of being questioned. I am not afraid of asking questions. I am not afraid of starting over. . And no matter how immense the quicksand of patterned life may feel, you will always be powerful enough to break free if you really want to - I promise you can change the world.

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