Health Starts with Mindset

Shifting focus to internal goals that are driven by inspiration instead of externally motivated goals with tangible "proof" has been mind altering. Healthier mindset has also made it easier to listen to my body! I crave healthy food, lots of water, and a good chunk of sleep. My skin is clearing up, I stand up for myself when people are being rude, I ask the scary questions, and my relationship with alcohol has changed into moderation. My mind is clearer, I have more control over my emotions, I'm never burnt out, and I'm able to identify negative influences with an incredible amount of ease.

I was worried that if I spent more time out of the public eye that my projects would lose steam because exposure really does increase the probability of short term success. But now I'm playing the long game. The projects I'm working on behind the scenes are literally taking months to design and build. And yall are still here, reading my words anyways, despite the fact that my content building model has shifted. . Thank you so much for supporting my art and riding this journey with me.

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