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August 6, 2018

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Dream Bigger

March 12, 2018


Sometimes you have to take a second and appreciate what life has given you. I reflect on this performance on Madison's best stage with the Suicide Girls last June with Lili Luxe and Claire Moon from last summer, and just can't believe the amount of dreams that came true last year! I also got my first gig in Las Vegas, started producing my own show with Mama No Shits, performed all over the Midwest, had a couple stellar articles written about me, decided to turn pro, AND the beginning of this large shift in myself occurred.


These were all 10 year goals. I accomplished them all by age 23. And let me tell you, I went into a massive depression because I thought I peaked. I thought there was no where else to go and I soaked up the juices of life.


Silly baby Marina - I had, in fact, just gotten started.


Dream bigger.


Being Midwestern by birth means I was trained to be "realistic" and dreams are for the weekend (not by my parents but by the culture of the people). It was selfish, narcissistic, and morally corrupt to think you could follow your dreams unless those dreams were about running a farm or raising a family in a modest suburban farm. It was as if leaving was the ultimate slander. So when I looked around and realized I needed to leave in order to live my life authentically, everything became substantially more liberating.
And on that note - when you do begin to dream bigger, make sure they are YOUR dreams. Not the dreams of others, not wanting what others have. Your dreams need to be a unique representation of your existence within this universal moment in space and time.


I'm telling you, the minute I stopped viewing my peers as my competition, I began to figure out what made me unique. When you play the copycat game it's always going to be a losing battle. You'll always be 2nd rate to the original. So when you truly just start believing in your worth as a human being and realize it isn't your business to compare yourself... Doors just start opening.
Passion is contagious. Opportunity falls in your lap when you open yourself up to the excitement rather than the fear that revolves around the life you want to live.
Comparison is a side effect of fear. Diminish it. Celebrate those who have the success you crave.
Every torch gets handed down. No one stays on top and takes all of the opportunity to their grave. So be elegant, be patient, be kind, be gentle, be passionate, be supportive. It will be your time if you truly understand this.

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