What's in a Dream?

I've figured out how to make my dreams come true you guys, and GUESS WHAT? I'm not special. You can do it too.

Step one: ask yourself what makes your soul melt, what makes it buzz with excitement? . I started honestly and whole heartedly speaking my truths out loud. I began by writing it all out. Then, I got the courage to say them out loud and post it on public platforms. But in order to make your dreams materialize, you have to get them out of your head and admit to yourself what you want. . Step Two? It's MINDSET. It's what thoughts you allow to repeat. It's what habits you develop. Its when you ask yourself honestly "is this decision going to help or hurt my goals?" . Its about planting your dreams in reality and plucking out the weeds that are inhibiting the growth.

The reality of nature is far more wondrous than anything we can imagine. .

Okay - so you've decided to accomplish your dream! Or maybe you're still wondering what's the point?

. The amazing thing about being human is that even though we only have 100 years (if we are lucky) on this planet, our species itself does this amazing thing where it passes along information so that ideas can continue to grow long after we die. . Even the "bad" ideas, ideas that ended up not passing the test of time, and ideas that contradict new / confirmable data are important. Why? . Because if you offer an extremely far fetched, fresh idea - whether it's wrong or not - then you are giving the next generation of humans a target to aim at when exploring new facets of life. . A human like you has never been created before and never will be created again. This is a pure, mathematical fact. And because of that, the ideas that you have to offer are exceptionally unique and rare. . When I think about my death - as an atheist who finds comfort in the fact that the universe is so richly complex and unfathomable - I think about what I will leave behind. I want to leave behind as many tools as possible for anyone who wants to release their creativity. . I'm mediocre at a lot of things in life. But I can crack open the most closed and awkward of people and set their soul on fire when it comes to teaching the art of moving for release. So I'm going to spend my life trying to figure out how to help as many people as possible. . Everyone has a unique offering. I am not special in this regard. . Some people build beautiful structures. Some people cook the best food. Some people can heal the toughest of wounds. Some people are great leaders. Some people are great at organizing chaos.

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