Have Coffee With Your Heroes

If there was one person on this planet you could go have a cup of coffee with and discuss your dreams, who would it be and why? . Figuring out your own path can be much more fun than pretending you have it all put together. . I went from regularly booked and traveling Showgirl with a day job, to quitting my full time position to experiment with making my money my own way, to picking up my entire life and moving it across the country. I figured "WOOP! I need an education and I need a reset button because I'm confused."

I was confused about so many things except for one extremely important fact: I believe in my crazy dreams and I will stop at nothing to make them come true. I will train until I'm so tired that it's hard to drive home. I will try and gladly take some unsuccessful attempts over sitting in paralyzing fear. . Edison had 1000 attempts at making the light bulb before achieving a working model. . I think the first thing that spurred this energy and belief in myself (besides trying out whatever ideas excite me) was spending so much time around successful people. I befriended the producers and the teachers and the directors of anything I was a part of. The raw power of surrounding myself with groovy people changed my life.


Find it impossible to meet up over a cup of Joe? Write a letter or an email!

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