I Made a HUGE Life Decision Today....

Oh the joys of the #digitalnomad life! Today I simultaneously worked in my mathematics career, signed up for BSchool with Marie Forleo, took a webinar with Hilary Rushford on how to get paid to be creative, and will be heading over to Aerial Athletica to train.

(Pictured in Alpine, CA)

One year ago today, I was performing my little booty off all over the Midwest while working a 9-5 in the office. I was tired and didn't feel like I was being efficient with my life. I loved being creative but somehow still didn't feel like it was good enough. I was using my math degree and being creative. What was the missing component? Why did I still feel FOMO? Simple: I idolized the hustle instead of grace. I was trying to be fueled by external motivation instead of internal inspiration. 2018 is the year of switching things up! I knew I wanted a job that allowed me to work from wherever I wanted so I could be with my family and explore the world. I moved across the country, trimmed the excess from my life, and had a lot of hard conversations with my workplace to see what was possible. 2018 is the year of leaning and training. I'm in business school and showgirl school. I'm performing less so I can come back with both ambition and ease (not just one or the other). I'm on the path to being my own boss. Today I'm a 🐛 but I'll be a 🦋 soon! If you could do anything with your life, what would it be and what do you think is holding you back?

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