There is Good in the World and It's Worth Fighting For

Today's theme is success!

(Pictured in Monty's Blue Plate Diner in Madison, WI)

The greatest muse to my art has come from watching success happen in front of my face. Not on the internet or in an article, not from me "liking" a photo or sending "thoughts and prayers" - but in person, live action, front and center. I love being a part of something that is bigger than myself. Supporting friends, family, and members of the community has given me a sense of wholeness that I'm not sure I'd be able to fill in any other way. Spending time with my partner last night on his 25th birthday, working the donation table at his event (Indie Arcade), raising over $1000 for a local charity that helps young women and people of color succeed in STEM fields, and watching him personally succeed as an event producer gives me so much joy!

This shirt is made by The Shine Project - spearheaded by a woman who helps urban youth from low income families get into college. While I am not local to her storefront, spending my money in conscious ways that support success also gives me a satisfactory feeling. (i.e. put your money where your mouth is) What did all of this "cost" me? Nothing but my time, and money wise, nothing that I wouldn't have spent anyways. You're never too poor or too busy to help the world out a little bit. It's all about prioritizing and being creative! I wanted to go out for an evening of entertainment anyways, so may as well spend my money at events that make a difference. I needed to buy a new long sleeved shirt anyways because I only own 3 others, so may as well spend my money at a business that gives back. The return on time spent being a support is directly proportionate to the amount of support you end up receiving - the universe is quite balanced in this regard. You just have to start participating! Imagine how different the world would be if we all chipped in a little bit more.

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