Sassy Morning Coffee Thoughts with Marina

(Pictured in Las Vegas, NV)

My life's mission is about always being challenged. I was raised a progressive, which means I believe in constantly evolving into the best version of myself. I understand it can be tiring and difficult to constantly ask yourself "In what ways can I improve myself?" but this is what I choose to spend my time and energy on because the return is more than worth it.

I believe if you want to waste your time shitting on other people or assuming people have nothing better to do with their lives except to be shitting on you, and THAT somehow holds you back in life, welp, that's more of a reflection of yourself.

You have the power to cultivate a beautiful existence. You need to be in control of your own thoughts and destiny and stop illogically placing that responsibility on others. Listen to the information the universe is providing you rather than sticking with outdated and skewed relics of the past.

This concept is defined as "internal vs external locust of control" and it basically calls into question where you *think* control over your surroundings comes from. There's no right or wrong way to live, but I'm telling you right now my success and happiness comes from believing I have all the tools needed to create a fulfilling and authentic lifestyle.

My success does not come from ostracizing, comparing, or compromising other people's happiness..Strong people lift up, inspire, and cheer on themselves and others. Weak people compare and condescend..Yes, of course in some cases such as someone legitimately threatening you, acting in ways that cause defamation, or is explicitly treating you in a way you have already expressed you do not like to be treated, stand up for yourself. Don't feel like you need to brush it off your shoulder, just move forward. You deserve to stand your ground.

Life is about balance - remember before you engage in an uncomfortable struggle with someone else, ask "will this improve my general well being or am I just investing my time and energy into something that will never make me feel better? Is the information I'm working with up to date?"

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