Ambition and Ease

"Life is less about having it figured out, and more about having the courage to show up anyways."

(Pictured in the Wynn in Las Vegas, NV)

These words from The Shine Project really spoke to me today. I spent the past 3.75 years training, and past 2.5 years performing, producing, and educating in my local community about self love, consent, and living in the moment. It was so important for me to help women achieve happiness in a safe environment. One month ago, I decided to pick up my life and move to the quiet sanctuary of the Neon American Desert to tap into what makes my life *authentic* and *meaningful*. Its not that my work wasn't fulfilling, it was that I let my well run dry. Being able to take a step back and really evaluate why I'm doing what I do has been a humbling experience. I was traveling the nation and performing alongside queens of my trade. I had articles written about my success and the testimonials to back it up. Why did it not feel the success? The simple answer - I tunnel visioned and had too many projects going on at once, without trying to connect them. I've been learning from Hilary Rushford (one of my AMAZING business coaches) of Dean Street Society since September about obtaining #elegantexcellence through the means of balancing ambition with ease. When I was forced to evaluate my goals and make sacrifices, I realized what I was doing was not sustainable. The quote from the beginning of this post acts as a bow on the idea that success isn't defined by the number of gigs you have booked or clients in your week or number of followers you have. It's about having the resources, the drive, and the grit to never stop exploring and being engaged. . This delightful work of art pictured above made me misty eyed because this resilient, powerful creature was displayed on a larger than life scale (it was at least 20 feet tall) but yet is playful and approachable. This is the type of art I want to make with my life. That is not possible when you're not living a life of balance.

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