Body Rolls & Gluteal Folds 💖

(Pictured in Las Vegas, NV)

I bought this shirt maybe a year or so ago from Sarah Jade (click to learn more about her) and she wrote me a simple little loveletter about enjoying the journey with this shirt. I think about it every single time I add it to my outfit. Little acts of kindness go a very long way! I think about my impact on others on a daily basis. I make sure it is known how I want to be treated so that I have optimal positive energy. I do my best to put so much love into the world so that by time I go to sleep it is a better place to be. You'll never be able to satisfy everyone and that is okay. This shirt always reminds me that spending emotional dollars on counting pennies of petty is a bad investment because there are so many golden coins out there 💋 (When I was a manager at a restaurant at 17 yo, I spilled my till and recounted every single thing I dropped and my boss told me to "never spend dollars counting pennies". As I get older, I grow so much more obsessed with that concept!)

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