The LOVE Blog - Why I Picked Up and Moved to Las Vegas


(Pictured at Aerial Athletica with Suwasit instructing me in Las Vegas, NV)

I readjusted my goals this year.

Number one is love. I always talk about my art being my love letter to life. That well was running dry. It is time to replenish.

Instead of focusing on performing, I'm focusing on competing and putting my all into my pole growth. You will not see me performing 50+ times again like I did last year.

For a long time I thought I was weak, but in reality I just didn't have the *right* instruction. I tried forging my own path and realized there are many people who have already paved the way. Why am I working harder than I need to?

I moved to the motherland of pole to train with dancers of 10+ years of experience. The time is now for me to gain the technique and social savvy from people who have made a living in circus world.

I loved my life in Wisconsin but I felt like a big fish in a little pond.

I also needed some time to heal. The past two years were so jam packed both professionally and personally, that I needed some time with my family. I want to spend the time with the people I love NOW so that I am not one of those people who forget to hang out with their parents before they are old and *need help*. I want to party with them and casino hop and shit talk without the purpose being wrapped up in something sad like a death bed.

I also wanted to focus on my personal love life. Sounds ridiculous right? But being in a long distance relationship has done nothing but strengthen the power and strength of my heart. Both my partner and I are working on leveling up so that when we meet back up in a SURPRISE LOCATION, we will not have to feel the weight of wondering if we held the other back. Being a power couple has its joys and struggles. Both of us being career oriented and big dreamers makes for a wild ride!

I will not be in Vegas for more than a year, and I also won't be going back to Wisconsin. (OOOOOOO SUSPENSE!) Consider this the year of me cacooning myself, and I will emerge a beautiful butterfly.

Now, I'm presenting this information as if it was a moment I woke up with the sun shining on a beautiful day and realizing I wanted this. That is not the case. There were many tears and many struggles and lots of anxiety to get to this moment of clarity.

Just remember that there is never going to be one perfect formula for life. What works for one person may not work for another. And if you want to do something, there will always be a way - you just have to prioritize and be creative 💖

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