It Can Be Easy to Rationalize Doing the Wrong Thing

When it comes to keeping your family safe, holding onto something of the past that cannot exist in the future, or pursuing your dreams, etc., we all encounter forks in the road that require intentional choices to be made - and all of these choices have consequences.

The age old riddle of "If a man is stealing a loaf of bread for his starving family, is he really a thief?" applies to a lot more of our choices than we'd like to realize.

"Are there times in your life when your instincts are pulling you down, when you are struggling to fight your inner demons, when you lack motivation, hope, or wisdom equal to what that occasion demands from you? What if we cultivated a strong inner kinship with our heroes so they can silently, even without our knowing, nudge us to choose the right path when we encounter such forks in our road? And if we were more consistent in making the right choices, what kind of leaders could we become?"

I think often times, it may feel like our fate, and the fate of others, are sealed and that we may not have any control over our actions or their consequences.

I think sometimes, it feels like redemption is impossible.

I know sometimes, it is hard to separate between what is selfish and what isn't, because when you think you're helping someone else, it turns out you're not.

I think if we spend a little more time being thoughtful about this, it would become a little bit easier and a little bit more manageable to navigate through the maze of morality.

Photo by Chris Moehr, taken March 2016

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