Why Failure is Magical

"To give - to project emotion - you always have to be doubtful of what you are doing."

Failure is not a place you cannot redeem yourself from. It is a peaceful place where you can heal, learn, and regain your strength. When you start taking those risks and attempting to do things above your perceived level, that's where the magic happens. I think a lot of people stop believing in magic because they don't realize that magic and failure are on the same coin. You don't get to have one without the other.

Your task is not to foresee the future, but to enable it.

I'm just at this point where I can't handle excuses. If you tell me you want something, then tell me all the reasons it is going to fail without even trying, then I explain to you why you should still try to obtain what your heart desires despite the odds, and then you get UPSET that I agitated you to the core because you're out of excuses and that frightens you - you need to make a decision:

Do you actually want this?

If you go through your entire list of excuses and decide it still isn't worth it, you have two choices. Give up or give in. If you have a dream that is sitting on the back burner for a long time, I can PROMISE you that will take up a lot of your emotional energy, it will make you feel heavy, and it will be a bigger, longer, lifetime burden than you actually trying to do something about it.

Do something about it.

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