This is a booster pack for the Flow State Freedom 30 Day Challenge. If I (Marina) don’t see an Instagram post / story / reel / IGTV or receive a message clearly stating the day’s work has been completed by a set time, then I can send you an email / text / voice message to get you back into the game. And it won’t be a robot, either. I will be your personal cheerleader for the duration of the live course!


This is available for ALL tiers.


This does not include the discussion of material. That’s what the VIP package is for!


Accountability begins on Day 1 and ends on Day 30 of the month purchased. If you’d like to extend the accountability beyond the 30 days, then you can sign up for the Flow State Freedom 30 Day Challenge again at a highly discounted rate.


*This is a booster pack. You must still purchase either the “Self Study Mover” or “VIP Mover” Flow State Freedom package to receive access to the Flow State Freedom 30 Day Challenge. It is up to the client to ensure program registration has been completed.


*It is up to YOU to respond to the daily accountability nudge! “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it.” No refunds will be given.

Accountability Booster Pack - Flow State Freedom 30 Day Challenge Add On

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