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Value not PERCEIVED is value not ACHIEVED!


Let’s talk more about how our easy-to-implement Functional Mixology Menu Pricing & Value methodology will help you AND your customers see value everywhere💸💕


You know the feeling - 


You put your heart and soul into creating a new recipe, a new menu, a new fun revenue stream,


But come launch day, you hear crickets.


Instead of feeling defeated, I’m here to help you see where you could either INCREASE your pricing or DECREASE consumer resistance to your current pricing.


If you’re not sure where you start…
If you’re looking to optimize your current offerings…
If you want to just figure out where to START pricing your offerings…
If you think you can’t afford to invest in larger group programs…
If you’ve hit a creative rut and want to try a new idea…
If you just LOVE to learn…

This is for you.


During this special Pricing & Value Strategy workshop, you’ll learn my simple yet effective and powerful pricing method that will leave your staff feeling EMPOWERED to upsell, and customers feeling like they just STOLE something.


In this hour-long session I’ll create menu pricing examples, but I’ll also leave a lot of room for active implementation and feedback based on prompts provided in the workshop. I’m here for YOU! This is a LIVE group call with guided IMPLEMENTATION!


By the time you leave, you’ll have already taken multiple steps towards your next target.

In fact, if you work right alongside me, you will have completed your very own pricing strategy by the time you log out of the call.


NOTE: Graphic design will be covered in the next workshops! Here, we’re planning the contents INSIDE the seasonal menu. 


🌟👉 BONUS: Take this workshop, and you can apply the $87 towards the Effortless Operations program (you’ll receive a promo code at the end of the workshop that you can use to apply towards any single or bundled Effortless Operations experience) 👈🌟


The Bev Menu Pricing & Value Strategy Workshop

$98.00 Regular Price
$37.00Sale Price
  • All content that is provided to clients by the seller / service provider is original intellectual property, unless otherwise specified. Marina Mars LLC is the sole owner and distributor. Sharing or selling this private information is strictly forbidden and will be pursued legally in the unlikely case that this clause of contract is breached.

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