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Performance Art (At a glance)

A true raconteur begins a tale with a bang, but the truth of the matter is, it was more of a silent scream for me.

I've been dancing ever since I could walk. What started out as a jazz / tap / ballet session after school quickly became my saving grace and the start of a brand new life. When I was 19 years old, I stepped into my first pole studio to gain the strength I needed to leave an abusive relationship. Within a few months, I became a Pole and Burlesque instructor in order to pass along the incredible gift of self love and self respect that I was given.

Freshly strong, full of that youthful glow, and ready to take on the city - I started performing alongside all of Madison, Wisconsin's  beloved drag queens. "I survived and I am alive," I thought, "but now, what is my purpose?" I quickly felt frustrated because I didn't feel like I was reaching all the people I knew I could help. That's when I packed up my glitter fabric collection and decided to take on the world beyond Madison - hello Las Vegas! Since then, I have performed in hundreds of events, ranging from festivals, smokey cabarets, art installations, and promotional videos, to historic theaters, circuses, private events, and more!


I was a resident performer with the Haus of Glamour - a Las Vegas production company with 7+ monthly shows across the city, but I have performed all over the country. I am a freelance traveling showgirl who prefers the intimacy of a cabaret, but finds delight in every crowd I can touch.

I was also a Classic Showgirl on the Las Vegas Strip - this means I'm a street performer! I would interact with thousands of people everyday from all around the world and do what I can to make sure people have the Vegas Experience of a lifetime!

I've never been able to fit into any movement category well, but some have dubbed me the "Queer Femme Fatale of Cabaret" and others "Aphrodite's Marvelous Mistress." Whichever way you cut the cake, I am a heart-centered storyteller who utilizes the art of concealing and revealing to remind you of your humanity. And sometimes, I'm as naked as legally allowed by the end of my acts. Here's my YouTube if you'd like to take a little peek for yourself.

As of May 2020, I also fell in love with art of the Melbourne Shuffle. Since then, I have performed with Shuffle Wisdom, which premiered on Anjuna Twitch channel in February 2021. I also like to make dance films - all of which you can find on my YouTube channel.

In June 2020, I launched Functional Flow Academy, where I like to help people find their flow.  Find more on IG here!

Now, I'm based in Phoenix, Arizona where my focus is on fostering the environment for herbal remedies to be ingested. Are you in town? Come check out what I'm talking about on my blog, Mocktails with Marina, and over at Lacuna Kava Bar! See recipes and more on IG: @mocktailswithmarina

Noteworthy Performances:

*2016 UPA's Bringing Sexy Back Global Showcase Performer*

*2016-2018 Cast of The Wild Side Pole Show - Chicago IL*

*2016-2019 Cast of Viva La Pole Show - Chicago / Vegas*

*2017 Wisconsin Burlesque Festival Performer*

*2018 Pole Expo - Vendor Stage Performer - Las Vegas*

*2019 Hubba Hubba Revue Headliner - San Francisco*

*2019 Burlesque Hall of Fame Performer - Las Vegas*

*2020 Bad to the Chrome Performer - Tampa, FL*

*2021 Shuffle Wisdom - Online Event*

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