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Performance Art (At a glance)

A true raconteur begins a tale with a bang, but the truth of the matter is, it was more of a silent scream for me.

I've been dancing ever since I could walk. What started out as a jazz / tap / ballet session after school quickly became my saving grace and the start of a brand new life. When I was 19 years old, I stepped into my first pole studio. Within a few months, I became a Pole and Burlesque instructor in order to pass along the incredible gift of self love and self respect that I was given.

Freshly strong, full of that youthful glow, and ready to take on the city - I started performing alongside all of Madison, Wisconsin's  beloved drag queens. "I survived and I am alive," I thought, "but now, what is my purpose?" I quickly felt frustrated because I didn't feel like I was reaching all the people I knew I could help. That's when I packed up my glitter fabric collection and decided to take on the world beyond Madison - hello Las Vegas! Since then, I have performed in hundreds of events, ranging from festivals, smokey cabarets, art installations, and promotional videos, to historic theaters, circuses, private events, and more!


I was a resident performer with the Haus of Glamour - a Las Vegas production company with 7+ monthly shows across the city, but I have performed all over the country. I am a freelance traveling showgirl who prefers the intimacy of a cabaret, but finds delight in every crowd I can touch.

I was also a Classic Showgirl on the Las Vegas Strip - this means I'm a street performer! I would interact with thousands of people everyday from all around the world and do what I can to make sure people have the Vegas Experience of a lifetime!

I've never been able to fit into any movement category well, but some have dubbed me "Aphrodite's Marvelous Mistress." Whichever way you cut the cake, I am a heart-centered storyteller who utilizes the art of concealing and revealing to remind you of your humanity. Here's my YouTube if you'd like to take a little peek for yourself.

As of May 2020, I also fell in love with art of the Melbourne Shuffle. Since then, I have performed with Shuffle Wisdom, which premiered on Anjuna Twitch channel in February 2021. I also like to make dance films - all of which you can find on my YouTube channel.

In June 2020, I launched Functional Flow Academy, where I like to help people find their flow.  Find more on IG here!

I'm a retired showgirl at this point. Now, I'm based in between Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada where my focus is on innovative bar & event solutions for the modern zero-proof celebrator (my husband and I created The Modern Mocktail, and we're here to help you find abundance without alcohol. See recipes and more on IG: @mocktailswithmarina

showgirl, marina mars, las vegas, burlesque dancer

Noteworthy Performances:

*2016 UPA's Bringing Sexy Back Global Showcase Performer*

*2016-2018 Cast of The Wild Side Pole Show - Chicago IL*

*2016-2019 Cast of Viva La Pole Show - Chicago / Vegas*

*2017 Wisconsin Burlesque Festival Performer*

*2018 Pole Expo - Vendor Stage Performer - Las Vegas*

*2019 Hubba Hubba Revue Headliner - San Francisco*

*2019 Burlesque Hall of Fame Performer - Las Vegas*

*2020 Bad to the Chrome Performer - Tampa, FL*

*2021 Shuffle Wisdom - Online Event*

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